The 8 Week Body Plan

Posted on March 28 in General

Are you sick of fad diets that never live up to their promises?

Every year to take it off and then put it straight back on?


There is a better way, a way that will help you to feel energised, lighter and more toned!


The 3 truths:

The first truth is that it starts in your "head"

The second truth is that it stays in your "head"

The third truth is that Food is your Friend.


Bonus Truth…….IT Takes ACTION To Get The Reaction You Want!


The First Truth: - It starts in Your Head

Getting yourself ready for success, as with all things preparation is key!

Set out your Goals, write them down and make sure you check in with them each day.

·        If you want to lose a stone or more then write it down. Commit to the number and make it real.

·        If you want to improve your mobility, then write down what that would feel like.

·        If you want to be more toned, picture how you will look.


We want you to understand how you will feel, look, sound and think once you have achieved your goal.

When you have tuned in to this process you will achieve the lasting results you are looking for because you have a map to the destination. You understand how it will feel to be there, how you will look and think once you are there.


The Second Truth: It Stays in Your Head

By this we mean that you must stay focused on your goal, keeping a track on where you are, staying accountable!

Your focus on your goal is key to you reaching where you want to be, it you start a journey it's always best to look where you are going and to understand when you have got there.


This is Focus and staying ON Track!


The Third Truth: Food is Your Friend!

Food is not your enemy, food on its own is just food, it's about the choices that YOU make.

I love Pizza, I love beer, I love cake BUT I DON’T EAT THEM ALL THE TIME.

I understand that in order to reach my goals I have a choice. I stick to the foods that get results or I don’t.

It's my Choice, I have to want the result more than I want to eat pizza and cake whilst washing it all down with beer. It’s a choice to want something else and believe me there are plenty of food and drinks out there that will get you great results and YOU WILL ENJOY them!


Remembering & following these 3 things will help you to get started and keep your focus when things start to get hard, and to be really honest it will get hard, there are times that I slip up on my nutrition, that I don’t have time for the gym because I am busy with work or that life gets in the way. Our last truth in the Bonus Truths is here to dispel my last statement about life getting in the way.


This is the best Truth of all


Bonus Truths:

IT Takes ACTION To Get The Reaction You Want:

By this I mean that you have to action the things that you want in order to see the results that you desire. Saying you want to do something or writing down that you are going to do something is not the same as doing it.

Yes, write it down, tell people what you are going to do. Then get out there and DO IT. Don’t wait for the right day in the week, month or year, do it now! Stop telling yourself you will start on Monday, what is wrong with starting on a Friday (heaven forbid the weekend to get in the way!) BUT whenever it happens make it happen one day at a time.


You Have To Get Over Yourself:

We all do it, I know I have done it and I have been called out about doing it.

Making excuses, you see when I said "that life gets in the way" it will if YOU let it. The common factor in all of this is YOU, you have a choice to do one thing or another, but what if I told you that there are always more than 2 choices. YOU have the choice to do what you want and by that I mean the thing that gets YOU to YOUR Goal, no matter if its weight loss, improving your health and fitness, getting a new job, meeting the man or woman of your dreams.




If you would like to have a chat about where to start or some help in making it happen and keeping you accountable then please click on the link for a free session and we will book you in to make the change that you want a reality.  


The 8 Week Body PlanThe 8 Week Body PlanThe 8 Week Body Plan

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