Start February With A 28 Day Kickstart Plan

Posted on January 26 in Events

What You Need is a Plan For February.

A 28 Day Plan that is so good it will give you a day off at the end - Or is that just it being a leap year!  

Look we know its hard - We are all Human Afterall

To build those new healthy habits on your own is difficult. So with this in mind we have created a 28 Day Kickstart Online Plan to accelerate your health and fitness goals.

We have put the information that we coach to our Personal Training clients and put it all online so that you get the very best coaching designed to get you results!

With easy to follow meal plans and recipe book to get your body lean and healthy from the inside out.

  • 7 Day Meal Plan - a quick kickstart to get your nutrition under control
  • 28 Day Meal Plan - a 4 week plan to strip fat and develop those health eating habits
  • 2x 28 Day exercise plans:
  • Home workouts with no equipment
  • Gym workouts with weights and no equipment 
  • Videos of the exercises to make sure you understand how to perform each one safely
  • Goal Setting sheets and videos.

The best thing about this programme is that it takes away those reasons and blockages as to why you have not reached your goals in the past.

It costs less than £1.40 a day and will get you amazing RESULTS!!

BUY NOW:  28 Day Kickstart Online Plan

Act NOW and START Your Plan TODAY! 



Start February With A 28 Day Kickstart PlanStart February With A 28 Day Kickstart Plan

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