Lets Make 2016 The Year You Reach Your Goals

Posted on December 31 in General

Let's make 2016 the year you reach your Goals with Personal Training or Online Personal Training with our leading results driven, professional approach to weight loss, exercise and work life balance.
Based in Cornwall, Portsmouth and London we have everything you need to reach your goals.

The first few weeks of any new health and fitness programme are the hardest, once the initial excitement of starting a plan have worn off. It is so important to keep your motivation high with professional advice and support while you are creating new healthy habits.

We want you to be in the very best shape and to have access to the best tools and advice to get you there quickly and safely.

To register for a FREE SESSION to talk to us about how you can reach your Goals with a Personal Trainer or with our Online Personal Training please click on the link below:


What Are Your Goals for 2016?

In a recent survey of what people most wanted to achieve in 2016, the answers were quite revealing.

  • 66% Lose Weight
  • 45% More Exercise
  • 28% A Better Work Life Balance
  • 17% Run Your First 5K           
  • 15% Tone Up And Fit Into Those Jeans You Love
  • 26% I Don’t Have Any New Years Resolutions

Our Personal Trainers and Coaches are fully qualified and ready for you to start today.

We are here to help you through every step of the way, with friendly advice and support when you are finding it hard and to celebrate every success you have along the way.

With access to our systems from as little as £5 per month we have a plan that fits with every budget.

If you know what you want to do or are still unsure what your Goals are for 2016, please get in touch today for your FREE SESSION (phone call) to look at your Goals and what you want to achieve in 2016 and how our team of professional trainers and coaches can enable you to reach them.


If you have tried diets, going to the gym, you have tried and tried and never really got the results that you wanted!

Let’s try something different this year:

A Personal Trainer will keep you on track, motivate you when you are finding it difficult and we will celebrate each and every success you have from our Personal Training or our Online Personal Training.

We are here to help you reach your goals!

So let’s get it right this year!

Let’s make it happen!

Let’s cut the BS and be honest with ourselves and be accountable to the goals we have set ourselves.

Keep Focused with a Personal Trainer and reach those goals much faster, whether you want to lose weight, run you first 5k, Do more exercise, A better work life balance, our Professional coaches and trainers will help you to reach your goals.

What We Offer?

  • Weekly Group Calls
  • A Facebook VIP Group To Post Questions And Celebrate Your Successes
  • A Mobile App and PC Tool To Track Your Food And Exercise
  • Meal Plans
  • Recipe Book
  • Exercise Plans
  • Goal Setting Call
  • Bags Of Motivation To Keep You Going And Reach Your Goals

Advice That Is Easy To Follow And Will Get You Results!

Register Now for your FREE SESSION to look at what you want achieve in 2016 and let’s make it happen!


We Have Everything You Need To Be Successful In 2016!!

iDailyWorkOut for all your Personal Training and Online Personal Training Needs!



Lets Make 2016 The Year You Reach Your GoalsLets Make 2016 The Year You Reach Your GoalsLets Make 2016 The Year You Reach Your Goals

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