Get Motivated Set Your Goals

Posted on January 6 in General

Keeping your focus and stay Motivated in January can be really hard.

Here are 3 things to help you keep your focus and get the most out of what you want. 

Know your goals – where you want to be – have them written down

It does not matter what your goals are from losing weight, getting fitter, finding the partner of your dreams, or getting that dream job, but what you must know is where you are going and what you want to achieve in order to know that you have reached it or even if you are still on the right track.


Know that right now you are successful and you need to see the success that you have already achieved – we tend to only focus on the negatives. Starting today write down the positive things that are happening and keep them, then when you are starting to see or have negative thoughts get all your positives out. A positive can be anything that makes you feel good ie achieving a deadline on time, receiving a compliment from someone, a smile from a stranger or even saying Good Morning to someone – it's literally anything that makes you smile even for a split second, losing 2 pounds or running 5k without stopping. These all count and show that you are already successful and that you are now choosing to be more successful. As with all things being positive is a choice and you are choosing to be more successful.

Regular Check-ins:

Understanding where you are in relation to your goals, your wants, your desires is key to keeping your focus on them. In your work, you will have regular reviews of the overall tasks that you as an individual, the team and the wider organisation have, you may not see all these reviews but they are happening. You need to have them with yourself and you must be held accountable to ensure that you do them.  

We need to treat you as a business, after all you are your best asset, so let’s keep that focus, understand the goals that we are striving towards, see the success that we have already had and be held accountable for our ultimate success.

A 4th thing to keep you focused is Fun.

I know I said 3 but this is really important! Now this may seem a little odd and we are all rushing around to get the most out of our lives and be more productive, we “must be serious”, we “must be super focused”. Yes we must but we REALLY MUST have FUN!! Life can be really serious and stuff happens that is out of our control – that’s life. Having FUN is a KEY part to reaching your goals, to being more successful. Make sure you smile in your day, take a walk at lunch, time be present in your day, be in the here and now.

Laugh Out Loud at a joke, see the funny side of an argument, put on some bright clothing and make someone smile.

If you would like a chat about your goals and planning, please just get in contact today.

Unleash the Lion in You!!


Get Motivated Set Your Goals

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