Body Intensive Trainer Suspension Bodyweight Trainer

Posted on October 24 in Product reviews

The Body Intensive Trainer (BIT) is a Suspension Bodyweight Trainer that uses your bodyweight as the weight giving you a workout like never before. The Body Intensive Trainer (BIT) was established out of a commitment to produce a quality British manufactured fitness product that would be accessible to everyone. 

The benefit of strength and endurance training to our bodies is well documented from weight loss, functional movement as we get older and to increasing your performance in your chosen sport.

The Body Intensive Trainer "BIT" allows you to exercise using your own bodyweight as resistance for a total body workout. It will activate deep core muscles, strip fat, increase muscle strength, endurance, metabolic rate, balance and coordination and activate your whole kinetic chain to achieve total body strength and conditioning.

Simply put, the BIT (a Suspension Bodyweight Trainer) is a whole gym in a bag, which allows you to use your own bodyweight as resistance for a total body workout. Hundreds of exercises can be performed with this one BIT of kit. 

At just over 0.9 KG it can be taken anywhere with minimal storage requirements.

No matter what your age from the very young to the more mature, from a complete beginner to the experienced athlete, the Body Intensive Trainer will help you in all of your sports and activities no matter what they are.

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Body Intensive Trainer Suspension Bodyweight Trainer

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