Are You Going Around In Circles By Just Swimming Lengths

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Are you going round in circles just swimming lengths?

Have you noticed little development in your speed, endurance, & times?

By doing the same things week in, week out your body has adapted to your training and at worst you could be risking injury through lack of muscle around your joints.

For progression to occur you need to regularly mix up your sessions and ensure you do land training at least twice a week.

Why You Need To Mix Things Up To Make You Stronger!!

I know what you are thinking and saying to yourself – “I don’t want to be big or like the guys you see in the weights room, I just want to get fitter and feel stronger!!”

Then you are in luck!! You have come to the right place. Lifting weights will not make you too big, nor will it bulk you out!

What It Will DO Is Make You STRONGER AND FASTER!!!

You need to know with the right application of lifting weights and nutrition you will become more lean and stronger than ever before.

These are the common misconceptions that most athletes have around Land Training / Strength & Conditioning.

You see it’s all very well to get in the pool and swim lengths, in fact we actively encourage you to do this as it’s specific to the sport that you love.

What we advise and what your body is crying out for is for your muscles to work and develop stronger and more functionally than just by repeating the same movement and activation of the same muscle groups day in day out and risk injury to over used muscles and joints.

The majority of Swimmers, Triathletes and other athletes we see and coach all have developed or trained in weaknesses from ignoring muscle groups and avoiding specific exercises because they find them challenging to do.

Time and again new clients will tell us that they are not seeing progression in their results, when we look through their training diary we see the same sessions week after week. These clients openly admit they are bored of the same sessions and lack motivation to get up and go out when it’s cold and dark outside during the winter months, but dont know where to start.

You need to shake things up!


Top Tips to Speed you up when Exercising on Land:


Body Positioning:

Learn to feel where and how you have positioned your body. Perform the exercises in front of a mirror or have a friend video you so that you can see how your body is moving if you are in the correct position. This is the most important aspect to making sure you get the most from your exercise.

TIP: Think about the muscle groups that you are working for that exercise, focus on them and feel the movement in those muscles.

Challenge yourself:

Do exercises that you find challenging, make sure you do them correctly and progress at the right level to get the full benefit from that exercise. I have seen some truly amazing attempts at exercises like Squats, Push ups, Rows and Planks. You need to make sure that you understand body positioning before you progress to more challenging versions of an exercise.

Leave your Ego at the Door:

Take your Ego out of the equations – With any exercise you need to make sure you are safe while perfroming it, time and time again we see clients wanting to lift too heavy too fast. STOP!!! We start off with bodyweight to a light weight to get the Movement, then we demonstrate that we can repeat it Consistently, then and only then do we increase the Intensity by increasing the weight or reducing the rest period between sets.

Movement – get it right from the start

Consistency – demonstrate you can repeat it for multiple repetitions

Intensity – Now you can increase the intensity of movement


Just as you need variety and colour in your diet you need variety in your exercises - "Variety is the spice of life”, use that variety in your exercise session to challenge your body to develop in ways that you never thought possible. It is only through this variety in your exercise programmes that your body can develop the muscular Strength, Speed and Endurance that you will need to accelerate your perfromance.

Build Intensity into your training:

A sure fire way to boost your performance is with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); the after effect of this type of training will see your metabolic rate increase for longer periods of time, up to 24 – 36 hours after your session has finished, burning more fat! The great thing about HIIT training is that it’s a short workout, 30 minutes or less and it can be done anywhere. Work periods of between 20 seconds to 1 minute with short rests between exercises of 10 to 25 seconds. This will see you working at a constant rate, meaning that your whole body is burning calories along with using your muscles and cardiovascular system. It’s a great way to increase your work rate very quickly.

A typical bodyweight HIIT session may look like this:

This 20 Minute workout is designed to maximize your calorific burn, so you should expect this workout to feel challenging.

Here are five exercises that focus on full-body, multi-joint movements. You must be strict with you form and technique, try to do as many reps as possible during each round, but work to your pace there are no short cuts in form and technique!

45-second on,

15 seconds rest

Complete three rounds, with a one-minute recovery between rounds.


If you can't complete a traditional pushup, place your hands on a wall, stable chair or plyobox instead of the floor. Or, try doing pushups with your knees resting on the ground.        


Push your hips back Remember to keep your bodyweight in your heels, and your back straight making sure that your hips go below your knees. For extra assistance, use a low stool or chair for added support.

Star Jumps:

Start with your feet together and your hands by your side, jump your feet out and your arms out straight so that they are level with your shoulders.

Tricep dips:

Place your hands on a chair or a low table, with your back to the chair. Bend your legs so your knees are at 90 degrees (progress to straightening your legs) & balance on your palms. Bending from your elbows, lower as far as you can, then press up to the original position. Engage that core!

Side Lunges:

With your bodyweight in your heels and your toes facing forwards, step to the left in a deep lateral lunge, keeping your knee above your toes. Alternate legs.


Cool down: Start with an overhead stretch, a quad stretch, then bend forward from your hips to stretch your hamstrings. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds



Enjoy and have fun with your exercises 


Are You Going Around In Circles By Just Swimming Lengths Are You Going Around In Circles By Just Swimming Lengths Are You Going Around In Circles By Just Swimming Lengths

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